Vigen sees the man, he sees his depth. The man in his photo is able to speak, to fully express himself. Vigen is a great master of portraiture. And the future heroes of his portraits have much to tell us about themselves and about the world.

The USSR and the RA People’s artist Sos Sargsyan

There are photos that simply attract you and you want to look at them over and over again. Vigen Mnoyan is exactly the photographer whose art leaves a lasting impression in the viewer’s soul because he has his own unique approach to perceiving and expressing the beauty.

The RA People’s painter Ara Shiraz

Vigen thoroughly feels the light, the space and the interior and in all that he feels the character of the man. Through the portrait he conveys the essence and mood of the human being in a way that the viewer inadvertently interacts with the character of the portrait irrespective of the fact whether he is a famous figure or whether he is not known to many people and is just a person who carries the spirit of the time.

The USSR People’s architect Jim Torosyan

Vigen Mnoyan’s photography is real art, it is like visual arts, because he adds the infinite energy of his imagination to the feeling of the moment. Be it a portrait of a studio, a landscape or a travel etude, Vigen takes his work very seriously, by displaying the artist’s innate talent.

The USSR Honored Worker of Art Henrik Igityan

Photography is a complex art because it is accessible to everyone, and you need to have your own features to stand out among the multitude of photographers. Vigen is able to express his steady and unique style in this complex art.

The USSR People’s artist Edward Mirzoyan